Viewing RNG



by kaliber

How to install the RNG expansion:

As this is a verified expansion you have two possible ways of installation.

In-game: You can run these commands to download and install:

/papi ecloud download RNG

/papi reload

Manual: Simply click the green download button to download the expansion, then copy the expansion to the /plugins/PlaceholderAPI/expansions/ folder.

Then run the /papi reload command.


This expansion randomly generates a number. It also allows you to set your own boundaries between a minimum and maximum value. supports bracket placeholders to add other placeholderapi placeholders inside this expansion!

Version 1.4.0 Release Notes

New placeholder - %rng_list:<num1>,<num2>% to return a random number from the generated list (an infinite amount of numbers can be given) The numbers in the list can be weighted too, giving more probability to one number than others. Syntax: NUMBER;WEIGHT (example: %rng_list:5;25,10;75% for a 75%-25% chance)

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