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by alonsoaliaga

How to install the Number expansion:

As this isn't a verified expansion you can only install this expansion manually.

Manual: Simply click the green download button to download the expansion, then copy the expansion to the /plugins/PlaceholderAPI/expansions/ folder.

Then run the /papi reload command.


PlaceholderAPI expansion to allow modifying numbers to be used in different situations. Convert int to/from roman, int to/from hex, modify format, random int/double, and more!


%number_toroman_<integer>% %number_fromroman_<roman-numerals>% %number_tohex_<integer>% %number_fromhex_<hex>% %number_random_<min>_<max>% %number_lastrandom_{NUMBER_OR_PLACEHOLDER_IF_NOT_PREVIOUS_RANDOM}% %number_randomdouble_<min>_<max>_[decimals]% %number_lastdoublerandom_{NUMBER_OR_PLACEHOLDER_IF_NOT_PREVIOUS_RANDOM}% %number_format_<format-identifier>_<value-to-manipulate>%

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Version 0.1-BETA Release Notes

First release. More info:

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