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by andre_601

How to install the Formatter expansion:

As this is a verified expansion you have two possible ways of installation.

In-game: You can run these commands to download and install:

/papi ecloud download Formatter

/papi reload

Manual: Simply click the green download button to download the expansion, then copy the expansion to the /plugins/PlaceholderAPI/expansions/ folder.

Then run the /papi reload command.


This expansion allows you to format text and numbers in various ways. Currently supported TEXT options: - Turn it Uppercase - Turn it Lowercase - Get Substring of it - Replace specific characters with another one - Get length of text Currently supported NUMBER options: - Format it (E.g. 1000 -> 1,000) - Turn it into a duration (e.g. 70 seconds -> 1d 10s) - Convert from one duration to another (i.e. hours to minutes) - Rounding Check the GitHub Repository for a full list of features. THIS EXPANSION ONYL SUPPORTS JAVA 11 AND NEWER!


%formatter_number_format[_[locale]:[pattern]]_<number>% %formatter_number_from:<timeunit>_to:<timeuinit>_<number>% %formatter_number_round[_[precision]:[rounding]]_<number>% %formatter_number_shorten_<number>% %formatter_number_time[_<timeunit>]_<number>% %formatter_text_length_<text>% %formatter_text_lowercase_<text>% %formatter_text_replace_<target>_<replacement>_<text>% %formatter_text_[start]:[end]_<text>% %formatter_text_uppercase_<text>%

View the full list of Placeholders here.

Version 2.1.1 Release Notes

- `%formatter_text_substring_[start]:[end]_<text>%` now accept non-nummerical characters for start and end. When provided will the index of the first character matching start/end be used (Note that those are BOTH 0-indexed, so end will be 1 character less). -- Example: `%formatter_text_substring_:;_Text with a Semicolon; Semicolon won't be shown for end%` will output `Text with a Semicolon` - Added some Cached Logger mechanic. This will now print warnings for invalid placeholders. To not spam the console are those warnings cached.

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