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How to install the Essentials expansion:

As this is a verified expansion you have two possible ways of installation.

In-game: You can run these commands to download and install:

/papi ecloud download Essentials

/papi reload

Manual: Simply click the green download button to download the expansion, then copy the expansion to the /plugins/PlaceholderAPI/expansions/ folder.

Then run the /papi reload command.


EssentialsX Expansion


%essentials_is_teleport_enabled% %essentials_is_pay_enabled% %essentials_is_pay_confirm% %essentials_nickname% %essentials_muted_time_remaining% %essentials_geolocation% %essentials_godmode% %essentials_jailed% %essentials_kit_last_use_<kitname>% %essentials_has_kit_<kitname>% %essentials_kit_is_available_<kitname>% %essentials_kit_time_until_available_<kitname>% %essentials_pm_recipient% %essentials_afk% %essentials_afk_reason% %essentials_vanished% %essentials_fly% %essentials_is_muted% %essentials_unique% %essentials_msg_ignore% %essentials_homes_set% %essentials_homes_max% %essentials_safe_online% %essentials_worth%

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Version 1.5.2 Release Notes

Added %essentials_home_<#>_w% - Returns the world the home is set in Added %essentials_muted_time_remaining% Added %essentials_geolocation% Force %essentials_home_<#>_x/z% to format to 3 decimal places

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